Grape packaging

We love innovation + we love grapes Since launching in September it has been an amazing journey learning more about our products through customer feedback and by constantly aiming to improve what ...
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Focus on... Pinot noir extract

Pinot noir is a wine variety. The French word 'Pinot' alludes to the pine cone-shaped bunches of fruit and 'noir' to its dark color. The grapes are grown around the world, mostly in the cooler clim...
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Facial Products Refills

We're passionate about reducing our negative impact on the planet and we have been since we first started planning Pelegrims. Our packaging is glass or aluminium where possible and any plastic com...
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In combination I Part 2

Until the remainder of our range is finished we have thought of some combinations, featuring our products and other brands', that will boost the effectiveness of each one whilst also adding to a he...
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The significance of the North Downs

As a Kent-based brand, it made sense to use natural extracts from plants grown across the North Downs in our skincare products. The name ‘Downs’ comes from the Old English word ‘Dun’, meaning ‘hill...
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In combination I Part 1

Our skincare line was formulated to be the most potent and active possible and the current selection of four products will tackle some key areas that we feel are a good first stage. We are developi...
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