Pelegrims Pinot noir blog article

Pinot noir is a wine variety. The French word 'Pinot' alludes to the pine cone-shaped fruit and 'noir' to its dark color. The grapes are grown around the world, mostly under cooler climates. It is used to produce red wine and champagne but also sparkling white wines in Italy and in England. 

Pinot noir residue extract contains abundant polyphenolic compounds therefore it is highly concentrated in antioxidant molecules (polyphenols and Resveratrol). The production of this organic waste in large amounts has emphasised the need to value them, for example by reusing them in skincare products.

Pelegrims Pinot noir extract blog article

Pelegrims Facial Balm and Face Oil contain English Pinot noir extracts.

These have been extracted from a single vineyard in Kent: Westwell Wine Estates. Our friends at Westwell produce wine using Pinot noir grapes such as this excellent English pet nat and the Summer Field Blend.

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