'Chardonnay' pomace 3D printed shed

We recently came across this amazing 3D printed shed by Emerging Objects which features tiles that clad the front face and can house succulents and other small plants. 

The tiles are part of the designers Planter Tile system, which consists of hexagon-shaped tiles made of various materials. These include cement, sawdust and (especially exciting for Pelegrims) "chardonnay" pomace" – a solid material left over after wine grapes are pressed for juice or oil. This excess material consists of  the grape skins, stems and pulp.

By containing spaces for plants amongst the tiles the front facade of the shed becomes a living wall and contributes to the atmosphere around it whilst providing a pleasing environment to inhabit.

The 'pomace' bi product of the wine making industry in California is very similar to the raw matter we take from Westwell vineyard in Kent to make our grape extracts and it's really great to see another use of the material to become more sustainable and reduce waste.

Images sourced from an original article on Dezeen

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