A talk with...Alex Verier, Co-Founder of Pelegrims

What is your driving reason for founding the brand? 

For me it was all about developing something totally from scratch – a lot of companies aren’t able to use an exclusive extract or ingredient in their products and must resort to off the shelf ingredients. There’s nothing wrong with this at all but by having our own extract means we have something really special and exciting that nobody else in the world has.

Why is Skincare important to you?

Skincare is hugely important to me, I think it gives everybody the ability to look and feel the best they can- it gives people a confidence boost which is so important and useful in all aspect of life. More than that though, I think by looking after your skin and feeling happy with yourself will increase everyone’s happiness in their general lives even more. More happiness is something we could all do with I think!

Which product would you say is your favourite?

It has to be either the Facial Balm or the Hand Cleanser…or the Hand Pomade…or the Facial Oil – I use all the products every day so it’s tough to choose a favourite. I think actually it could be one that isn’t released yet and we’re still developing…

Which ingredient would you say, apart from the grape extracts, is one to look out for in the launch range? 

Raspberry Seed oil in the Facial Oil is a game changer or the Pumpkin Seed in the Facial Balm. The Raspberry Seed is a powerhouse of a seed oil and contains high levels of Vitamin A as well as having an SPF of between 8-50 (Although we always recommend to use a certified SPF alongside our Facial Oil.) The Pumpkin Seed oil is super fast absorbing and contains Zinc and Magnesium to improve the look, feel and health of your skin as well as being especially good for acne prone skin.

What was the product development like?

Product development is always such a great process – lots of experimenting, making samples and using those samples on ourselves, friends and family- I love it! For the Pelegrims products in particular we also spent a lot of time on research, around 6 months, which was invaluable especially when thinking about the Grape Extracts themselves.

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