Facial Products Refills

We're passionate about reducing our negative impact on the planet and we have been since we first started planning Pelegrims. Our packaging is glass or aluminium where possible and any plastic components are recyclable but we're not perfect. Over the next few years we'll be constantly improving our packaging to become more positive and responsible. As a first step, we are trialling a refill scheme on our full size Facial Balm and Facial Oil:

Return the packaging to us and get a £10 voucher for your next purchase or to gift a loved one

Once we get your jar or bottle we'll professionally clean it before inspecting for any damage. If it's not suitable to refill we'll recycle it but we aim to refill rather than recycle all of the packaging we receive back. 

In this system we would be able to create a closed loop and infinitely refill our jars and bottles to offset the impact of first producing them. 

By making small changes like this we can work towards making a bigger impact in being responsible and positive for the planet. We believe in being conscious of our impact and thinking of solutions for a better and more positive future. 

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