Our ingredients are sourced ethically and responsibly with each supplier being assessed to make sure they look after their supply chain so that by the time the ingredient makes its way into our products, it has made a more positive impact on the world.

Where possible, we try to use organic oils and extracts or soil association approved ingredients. Our formulations have been made with extracts from by-products (grape skins, seeds and vines) of the wine-making process. The extracts suspend the vital Poly-Phenols, such as Resveratrol, ready to enrich the skins and boost its natural ability to restore and rejuvenate. 

Alongside our Grape extracts we use a variety of ingredients that boost the capabilities of the extracts to make our products potent formulations that act quickly to do you good. We have tried to limit these ingredients as much as possible to those we can source from the UK only. Our aim by 2025 is to source all of our ingredients from UK farms, to support the local economy whilst reducing Pelegrims' carbon footprint. 

We use natural oils, powders and extracts as much as we can however we believe a blend of the natural and engineered creates the perfect and most effective formulation. We do not use any nasty compounds and try to limit allergens whenever possible. You will not find any bulking agents; instead we make concentrated formulas that work quickly for specific intentions. 

None of our products are tested on animals - instead we test them on ourselves and on our families. Once finished we send each formulation to a lab in Oxford so that they can be safety assessed and tested for stability.

The end result is a range of products with a heavy emphasis on being scientifically enriched whilst still made ethically and in small batches.