Our lab

Our skincare line has been formulated, trialled and manufactured in the same lab/production centre, located only about twenty minutes away from Westwell Wines, the vineyard that provides us with the waste material our grape extracts come from.

As a result, we are lucky to have easy access to both of them, knowing exactly what goes into the products and how the magic happens. We literally see the process all the way through from seed (vine) to bottled product!

We believe in making products in small batches using only the best ingredients to assure quality and performance. The production and formulation of the products has taken over a year to perfect but we know that we have now done everything we can to create the very best and more effective formulations. As well as the formulation and production of the products we put another entire year into development and research to look into the scientific evidence there is for each active ingredient we use and the best way of combining it to achieve maximum potency.

In our lab we kept the first test extract samples in a temperature-controlled space for three months before combining them with a range of different, active and also carrier oils to then test the effectiveness on tackling problems with the skin. We never test on animals, only ourselves (and friends and family!). We’ll be writing a more in-depth article soon about the process of our extractions and some of the issues we ran into along the way - we want to be as transparent as possible to show the constant journey of learning and development that we are on.

By having our lab so close to the vineyard means that we can limit our carbon footprint in the production of our skincare products and have direct traceability from seed to bottle. As time goes on we want to source all of our ingredients, first from the UK, and eventually from a similar distance to the vineyard.

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