The significance of the North Downs

As a Kent-based brand, it made sense to use natural extracts from plants grown across the North Downs in our skincare products. 

The name ‘Downs’ comes from the Old English word ‘Dun’, meaning ‘hill’. The North Downs includes the highest point in the whole of Kent, Botley Hill, which reaches 270m above sea level.

This beautiful tract of land, which runs from the border of Surrey and London all the way south east to the White Cliffs of Dover, was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It has incredible views over the natural landscape with forests, farmlands, fruit orchards and vineyards, with country paths that lead down to hidden streams and glades. A must-see!

Pilgrims Way, by Oliver Dixon

We are proud to work with Westwell Wines which sits just outside Ashford and is a few hundred meters from the original medieval ‘Pilgrims Way’ which ran from London to the Cathedral at Canterbury.

The area has been known as Westwell since at least 858 where it was mentioned in a Saxon legal document. Besides, a vineyard was mentioned at Westwell as early as 1310, where a group of Monks were said to look after one in the area.

We chose Westwell Wines for its exceptional wine quality, perfect positioning and the natural approach to the wine making process. Indeed, the vineyard managers and winemakers are minimizing the use of pesticides and human intervention to grow the purest grapes with superior taste and potency. It is obvious when drinking the - delicious - final product! The quality is also evident in the extracts from the waste grape material.

Westwell wines

We love this rich heritage - for the outdoors of course - and for the humans who carefully nurture plants with such passion and dedication.

By working with local producers throughout the North Downs, we hope to continue this tradition whilst exploring the scientific benefits that these plants, herbs and fruit can have on the skin.

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