In combination I Part 1

Pelegrims skincare line was formulated to be the most potent and active possible and our current selection of four products will tackle some key areas that we feel are a good first stage. 

We are developing a full and comprehensive range as we speak but of course, our products do not cover every type of skin area or need at the moment. Also, we understand that moving away from your current routine may be a big jump!

For these reasons, we have imagined a few combinations of products, between our own brand and others, that will boost their final effectiveness whilst also adding to a healthy skincare routine.

 Pelegrims In Combination Blog Article Rapsberry Oil


When outside a lot or during summer months, you know by now that using a good SPF - and by 'good' we mean at least 30 - is mandatory. Some countries have high UV levels throughout the year. If it is the case where you live, you may want to check your local weather readings for the daily UV levels. 

None of our products have a UV rating per se. Our Face Oil does contain Red Raspberry Seed Oil though. And this oil, along with carrot seed oil, has been proven to offer some sun protection.

Of course, you should not use it on its own as this natural protection has also been shown to vary a lot from batch to batch and will not prevent any sun damage, from wrinkles to skin cancer.

We therefore recommend you add a couple of drops of our Face Oil to a teaspoon amount of your favourite SPF cream before mixing together and applying to your skin. Remember to include areas such as the tops of ears and the back of the neck, etc.

The Face Oil will increase the amount of nutrients in the sun block and also help to heal your skin by encouraging cell regeneration and growth with its high amount of antioxidants and vitamins A and E.



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